Hello, welcome to Found Hearts, an animal rescue and welfare organisation with big ideas and big hearts. Our aim is to keep animals out of pounds and either in their own loving home or in a new one. We do this in four different ways.

1) The Facebook based Australasian Lost Pet Registers which have state pages and one for New Zealand. This enables thousands of pets to return home without ever seeing a pound.

2) Our foster based rescue service which saves pets from pounds when their time runs out. They stay in family foster homes, receive all of their vet care which may include desexing, microchipping and vaccinating and receive ongoing flea, worm and tick medication. Once they are ready to face the world again they are offered up for adoption to forever homes.

3) Our animal sanctuaries which are for both animals that cannot be rehomed due to behavioural or medical issues and those seeking temporary refuge until a suitable foster or forever home is found.

4) Our short-term emergency foster database which ensures families who face sudden homelessness, domestic violence, disaster, hospitalisation or another family crisis can receive assistance with their beloved pets. Once the emergency is over the pet is returned home so the family can be together again.
Found Hearts is at the start of the journey and we hope you will join us.





Found Hearts is a registered charitable nonprofit organisation set up to assist animals and their families when they are at their most needy. 

Our first sanctuary, Bundeera, is open at Apple Tree Creek, Queensland, 4660. On 110 acres of which half is native bushland it is an oasis on the Bruce Hwy. The second sanctuary will be in South Australia once finalised.  Our sanctuaries will provide outstanding care and a loving home for those in need of a temporary home and those animals which require ongoing lifelong care.

Our foster based rescue has begun with a few treasured carers and will expand as funds allow. Animals come from pounds, surrenders and found animals that are not claimed.

The state based Lost Pet Registers are up and running in all states and NZ but not QLD which are run on their own but are in close association. The largest social media based lost and found is extremely successful in reuniting pets with their families and has kept thousands out of pounds.

We are working on creating an emergency foster service for pets in order to keep families together. Domestic violence, disasters, medical emergencies, sudden homelessness and other emergencies can often be the reason for beloved family pets being surrendered and our aim is to ensure as many families as possible can remain together once the emergency is over.

We hope you will join us on this journey and consider coming on board!

The Forgotten Side

Parents screaming at each other, the noise just goes on and on, the kids seeking a safe place outside in the yard with their beloved pets, mum watching them from inside knowing that she cannot flee the situation as the hostel doesn’t allow pets. So she stays and the abuse continues……………

The flames or cyclone is coming but they just sit and watch. The evacuation centre won’t take pets so they stay and hope………………….

Kids in the back of the car trying to keep warm on a cold night, the family dog snuggled between them acting as a big hot water bottle. Mum and Dad dozing in the front seats half sitting, heads nodding and dreaming of a hostel that will accept them and their beloved mate Bluey. They awake to find the same reality………………

Baby is sick, needs to be flown to a city hospital for urgent treatment, now. Mum goes with her, Dad stays and packs up the other kids and all the necessities. Then realisation dawns, there is nowhere for the family cat to go. Is the pound their only option…………………?

Grandad needs to go in for an operation only the family is far away and can’t care for his best mate. 2 options:  no operation or surrender……………….

Now think forward to next year, same situations but this time they pick up the phone and ask for help. Help that says YES we CAN do that. Lives changed, maybe even lives saved.

Just how is that going to work? Well Found Hearts is wanting to set up an emergency foster care program where thousands of people all around Australia register on a database saying that they can help with short term pet care and a 1300 number for those in need to call.

We would do it today if eagerness and compassion could pay for it but alas only money can do that. With your kind donations we could get this program up and running in double quick time to start saving lives immediately so please consider popping a few dollars in our account!

"We found hope, we found hearts ♥"