Why Rescue?

Save a Life!
Adopting a pet appeals to those with compassion and who don’t require a certain breed for working, performance sports or confirmation sport.
Adoption is one way to demonstrate caring, empathy and giving a second chance to your children!
Most pets have been abandoned or surrendered through no fault of their own but due to unforseen changes or because their original purpose wasn’t well thought out – the household didn’t find the time for training, or the breed wasn’t suited to the household’s lifestyle.

Save money!
Adopting a pet from an ethical rescue means that desexing, vaccination and where necessary, microchipping is all included in the adoption fee! Depending on the species and weight of the pet, these things can cost from $350 – $900. Ethical rescues usually set a fee of about 75% – 80% of the average vetwork cost for the species and the rest is covered by donations or fundraising.
Find the RIGHT pet for you!
Choosing a pet from an ethical rescue that matches the pet to your lifestyle and household gives both you and the pet the very best chance! Pets that have been fostered have been observed and often tested so that the rescue knows:

• how much time needs to be spent interacting with the pet
• whether this pet will mix well with your existing pets
• the level of enrichment, grooming and training this pet needs
A good rescue knows that busy households these days often don’t have the time to rear a pet from a very early age.
By adopting an adult pet you can avoid hours and hours of frequent feeding, toileting and basic training.
With fostered adult pets the temperament is known, activity levels are known, the amount of training required is known and how closely the pet will bond is known.