Why Foster?

Why do pets need foster care?
to make room in a pound. When pounds are full, if no pets leave by direct adoption or by rescue putting them into foster care, then the only way to make space for new poundies is to kill existing ones. Fostering saves lives.
to help the rescue to learn about the pet so that it can be matched with the best possible home.
because the pet is not yet ready for adoption. This might be because:
o the pet is too young to be adopted
o vetwork such as desexing is needed
o training or rehabilitation is needed
o socialising the pet to home living or other pets is needed.

What kind of people are foster carers?

• people who can’t have a permanent pet just now, for example”
o students currently living away from home
o people intending to travel for a month or more in the next few years
o those awaiting approval for permanent residency
o people who love pets but cannot afford the veterinary expenses if things go wrong
o those who are waiting for a special pet to come into their lives but have plenty of love to give while they wait

• those who have their own pets but like to have more, for example
o as company for their own pets
o to help save lives of other pets
o to gain skills in training different pets
o to demonstrate compassion and volunteering to their children

What will it cost me to foster care?

• There will be a written agreement between to rescue and the foster carer, detailing who is responsible for what costs.
The most usual agreement is that the rescue is responsible for
all veterinary costs
• all medication costs
• all advertising costs
• any council registration charges
• and the foster carer is responsible for feeding and housing.